Cue-a-rama 1, and a BBQ hangover

It all went by in a blur

Cue-a-rama 1 was a fast paced trip with two wheels, two bags, and over 550 miles of Texas roads covered with cross winds of over 20 miles an hour wreaking havoc on us.

For the full three days, with the exception of a granola bar on Friday morning, the only food I consumed was at BBQ joints!

Five BBQ joints were visited in five different cities over three days. The BBQ establishments included the Texas Monthly top rated BBQ in the world, Franklin BBQ, as well as two of their top 50.

Here’s a link to our route

In addition to Leslye riding with me on Saturday and Sunday, 10 friends and family joined us at one or more stops

I hit Brooks’ Place in Cypress on Friday as a lunch. Good food from a quiet trailer in a strip center parking lot, with a lot of potential.

Leslye and I rode out at 5:45AM Saturday morning so that we would arrive in Austin two and a half hours before Franklin BBQ even opened so that we would be able to score a coveted place in line and eat before they sold out for the day. The barbecue there was great – but the big question we would answer is whether it was worth the wait or not. How did it stack up against Louie Mueller and Snow’s?

Saturday evening we made a quick trip out to Elgin and sampled the fare at Southside Market. Elgin is more famous for their hot sausage and even that wasn’t very memorable.

Sunday morning’s scenic ride to Spicewood, Texas via Marble Falls led us to Opie’s. It was a pleasant surprise, great food and really nice folks.

Our final meal of the weekend was at The Salt Lick, located in Driftwood, Texas. The Salt Lick is more than just BBQ. It’s also about spending the day under shade trees enjoying drinks from a cooler or from their own vineyard. Chewy fat that wasn’t fully rendered on the brisket was the lowlight of the trip.

I’m still recovering from a BBQ hangover and have a lot of writing to complete, so bear with me while I get the article completed!

Brisket and Sausage at Franklin BBQ in Austin

Brisket and Sausage at Franklin BBQ in Austin


Lots of meat on the grill on a Sunday afternoon

Lots of meat on the grill on a Sunday afternoon at The Salt Lick


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