Top 10 BBQ Joints

Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt Top 10 BBQ joints (so far)

What makes the ultimate barbecue experience? When I started this blog I was like many others; focused on smoked meats. Side dishes were not that important and the rest of the overall experience really didn’t play into my rankings.

Over time, I’ve become more critical of the other points involved – the wait, the dining area, the cleanliness of the restrooms, and even the sides.

Standing in line for over an hour in the Texas sun to order at a trailer, sitting at a wooden picnic table, and using a port-a-potty is not really what I consider a great experience. At the top tier of smoked meats there is only a tiny difference in quality of meats while the rest of the experience is what makes a visit memorable.

You see, to me the best “BBQ Joints” is a list of those places I would want to take friends and family. The list is made of up those places I’d want to spend some time enjoying the food and company.

In the interest of comparisons to most other top barbecue lists, I also will present my list of top 10 smoked meats – that list is a no-holds-barred list purely focused on meat.

Below is a earlier list of my top 10. The updates lists will be released soon.

  1. Snow’s BBQ
  2. Louie Mueller Barbecue
  3. Franklin BBQ
  4. John Mueller Meat company
  5. la BBQ
  6. Opie’s BBQ
  7. Corkscrew BBQ
  8. Killen’s BBQ
  9. Pecan Lodge
  10. Black’s Barbecue

Know of some hidden BBQ treasure? Got a favorite spot that I haven’t visited yet?

Tell me the name, location, and any special menu items to try. I’ll add it to my “to visit” list and I’ll try to visit when I can.

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