TMBBQ Fest 2015

Another year for the mighty Texas Monthly BBQ Fest. No other festival brings the big guns all together in the same location like TMBBQ fest does, and this year the event felt bigger than ever even though general admission tickets were still available up until the event. Austin had received a round of flooding just days prior but the weather cooperated and the event was held under beautiful blue skies.

VIP tickets had sold out quickly and while the line stretched long at opening time even those who arrived just before the noon opening were inside the gates within the first 15 minutes. Many/most chose to head straight to Franklin Barbecue’s canopy to grab a sample early.

Meanwhile the general admission folks had begun lining up nearly three hours before their 1 pm entrance time. By my estimate around 600 were ready to go when their gates opened.

Lines built rapidly at most vendors but moved quickly. My first round included six samples, and my second included three. After that I was much more laid back in consuming samples but by the end of the day had missed out on some of the more popular places due to my leisurely pace. By 3 pm about five places had run out of barbecue but to TMBBQ’s credit Franklin was equipped with a large amount of meat and was still serving as well as the majority of participants.This was one hungry crowd.

Also pluses were the desserts, samples of moonshine, and plenty of free cold water.

Some others have posted some great pictures and lists of the best bites. Those lists almost seem cut-and-pasted but I can vouch that I agree with them, at least for the samples I tried.

My memorable bites:

Brisket cookie from Freedmen’s

King Ranch chicken sausage from Freedmen’s

Fried boudin ball from Stiles Switch

Pulled pork and tortilla from Stiles Switch

Pumpkin spice sausage from Miller’s – light seasoning and tasty

Of course brisket and more conventional sausage was available from many, and I enjoyed quite a bit of it!

See Y’all next year

-BBQ Bryan

A great day in Austin at TMBBQ 2015

A great day in Austin at TMBBQ 2015

Just one of many great samples available at TMBBQ 2015

Just one of many great samples available at TMBBQ 2015

Killen's Barbecue samples at TMBBQ 2015

Even though lines were long for the most popular vendors, service was efficient

Opie's Brisket at TMBBQ 2015

Seth Glaser of Opie’s Barbecue slices up a fresh brisket at TMBBQ 2015

Brisket cookie

All hail the brisket cookie from Even LeRoy and Freedmen’s Barbecue

Crown Royal cupcakes

Free desserts, like these from Crown Royal, were a pleasant treat

Firefly moonshine at TMBBQ 2015

Folks washing down the barbecue with some free firefly moonshine at TMBBQ2015

See ya next year!

See ya next year!

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