HEB BBQ Brisket Burnt Ends Twisted Pizza

HEB BBQ Brisket Burnt End Twisted Pizza

HEB BBQ Brisket Burnt End Twisted Pizza

H‑E‑B Texas Street Eats BBQ Brisket Burnt Ends Twisted Pizza

H-E-B, a chain of Texas based grocery stores, has been riding the barbecue and brisket bandwagon of late. In addition to ground brisket in two grinds (one for chili and one for burgers), pre-made brisket burger patties, and brisket dinner kit similar to hamburger helper HEB recently added a “BBQ brisket burnt end” item to their Texas Street Eats Twisted Pizza line. I like HEB and have purchased a number of these brisket and barbecue related items so it wasn’t a stretch for me to pick up one of the frozen pizzas to try.

The twisted pizza line is supposed to be reminiscent of something you would buy at a food truck, with a hand twisted crust that forms a sort of bowl for the sauce and meat. This isn’t something I am familiar with as I rarely eat from a food truck but like everyone else I love pizza so I was up for the meal. I had even tried to make a tasty brisket pizza a couple of years ago without much success.

Do you like quality Texas brisket? Do you like hot pockets? Do you like barbecue sauce? You get two of these.

To try for the best experience Leslye warmed it in the oven. It really didn’t look too bad, with a nice pastry crust and evidence of actual meat, although it was more shredded as opposed to burnt end pieces. I bit into it and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I was expecting Hot Pocket and this was sort of a gourmet Hot Pocket. Not true gourmet food, mind you, but a level above Hot Pocket. If you haven’t seen Jim Gaffigan’s riff on Hot Pockets, click the link for a laugh.

HEB Brisket Pizza

The HEB Brisket Pizza did have brisket in it, but not really “burnt end” pieces

I had very low expectations and they were met, which was a bit of a surprise as I was prepared for even worse. Of course you are not going to get top quality brisket in a product like this, and since it comes pre-cooked and frozen its not even as good as leftover brisket from a top tier joint. This also isn’t a better option than hitting up a barbecue chain for some relatively reliable chopped beef. This is a late night (the later the better) item that is basically a kicked up Hot Pocket and if your expectation or desire lines up with a Hot Pocket, then you will enjoy it.

For myself, rather than stock up on these I am going to work on making something similar with fresh(er) brisket.

How are the other HEB BBQ items?

Well, the brisket helper was atrocious. Like Hamburger Helper it was just pasta with a packet of spices and you need to add your own brisket anyway, so I’d prefer tossing some brisket into home made mac and cheese. Stay away from the brisket “dinner kit.” If the picture below is the best that they could make the item look like, then you should understand what I’m saying.

HEB Brisket Helper

HEB Brisket Helper

The “BBQ fixins” didn’t seem to be much better than any other off the shelf version of the same items and contrary to the tag line for the creamed corn which “rivals the kind you might find at many popular BBQ stops”, it did not remind me of Rudy’s which I assume is what they are going for.

HEB BBQ Fixins

HEB BBQ Fixins

One item I’ve purchased on several occasions is the ground brisket. It is a little more pricey than regular ground beef but it has made it’s way into my smoked meatloaf and Leslye’s chili with good results.

HEB Ground Brisket

Ground brisket can be useful, but if you want smoke, you’ll have to add it.

You can’t rush Texas barbecue and you aren’t going to find barbecue gold pre-packaged at your local grocer’s aisles. However, pick up some of the ground brisket and if you’re one of those who enjoys late nights on the town, you may want to grab one of the pizzas for when you come home after one of those long party nights.

-BBQ Bryan

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