Houston Barbecue mostly avoids damage from April 2016 floods

Houston BBQ mostly spared wrath of floods

Torrential rains fell in Houston late Sunday through Monday April 18th. The rains initially impacted many common flood prone areas but the northwest areas and nearby communities bore the brunt of the storm with a record reported 20” in some locations. Two creeks on the north side of town exploded beyond their banks; Spring Creek and Cypress Creek. As water drained from further north these creeks continued to rise well after the rains had stopped and have expected to crest on Wednesday the 20th. Many residents and businesses along these creeks were flooded, and rescue operations continue through the 20th.

Luckily for Houston barbecue, most of the businesses were spared significant damage or downtime. Downtown, midtown, and many locations received heavy rainfall but not a flooding event.

Corkscrew BBQ lost power when a tree fell on nearby power lines, and with that lost their food inventory. They are planning to be back open for business on Friday April 22nd.

Barbecue joints that were normally closed on Mondays and/or Tuesdays saw little to no impact other than potentially slower business.

Ray’s Real Pit BBQ Shack, located near highway 288 which is flood prone although the business is on higher ground, closed on Monday the 18th as well as Roegels Barbecue Co.. Both were back open on Tuesday with Ray’s hosting shorter hours.

Bernie’s Backyard, host to BBQ Godfather, was closed on Tuesday but expected to be open on Wednesday the 20th.

Spring Creek Barbecue (named for the one in Dallas and not the one in Houston) had locations back open for business by noon on Monday.

Brooks’ Place remains open although located in between flooding areas.

I have received no other news of other major Houston joints impacted by flooding or power loss.

The rains did affect local barbecue consumers with lower than anticipated sales volumes based on discussions with several businesses.

Across the state the poor weather has seemed to affect consumer traffic, even Franklin BBQ tweeted that they had brisket left at 2:30pm in Tuesday the 19th


Road conditions and staff having difficulties getting into work are the more pressing problems now for several business but the lighter customer traffic is helping although to the detriment of profits.

Relief Assistance and Fundraisers

At least two businesses have spring into action, with Burns Original BBQ going onsite this week and Killen’s Barbecue holding a benefit on Friday the 22nd.

Burns Original BBQ donated 100 barbecue sandwiches on Tuesday the 19th to the residents of Arbor Court Apartments, located in north Houston near Cypress Creek, and another 400 on the 20th at the M.O. Campbell center.




Killen’s Barbecue is hosting a fundraiser for the American Red Cross


If you and the roads are safe, this week would be a great time to support Houston barbecue.


-BBQ Bryan


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